- cm3  119212
9 500 000Ft
2008/01 243 000 km
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9 500 000Ft

2008/01 243 000 km

276 LE / 206 kW
3600 cm³
Manuális: 6 fokozat

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Freshly restored JEEP WRANGLER SAHARA EDITION - 3.8 L Petrol Engine, that runs smoothly, 208 all available H.P. , 2008 year,  144 200 miles or just 232 000 km that is nothing for this car. The Manual Transmission is working perfectly and ready for adventures!

I am the 3rd owner - 2 previous owners in Canada and I am the 1st in Bulgaria. 
Car was imported in 2019 and since then It was sitting in the garage waiting for restoration. 
The Wrangler Project was completed on 16.01.2022.

The old color was the boring Black, so we decided to repaint it with the fresh and outstanding Yellow Cobra Paint, that is extremely SOLID and SCRATCH RESISTANT.

The floor is plastered with a special anti-corrosion material, that way it will last over time.

The interior of the car was perfectly washed and disinfected. Indistinguishable from new without wear and odor!

You don’t have to worry about first vehicle maintenance, because all units on the car are inspected and serviced. 
All car UNITS are working PERFECTLY just like a swiss watch! 
Oils and filters have been CHANGED, and the air one has been replaced with a SPORTS ONE!

Brand NEW Elements on the car:
Fenders, front grille, taillights and turn signals, LED headlights, LED BAR with 480 watts for more visibility and safety, NEW holders for the front cover with locks (as you know this is a common issue with the time,so now you don’t have to worry about it) and NEW side steps.
At the moment, the car is almost indistinguishable from the one produced this year.
For all improvements we have issued invoices worth over 8,000 euros.

The Jeep is sold with a 6-month WARRANTY!

If you are interested, we can ASSIST with hotel accommodation, pick up from AIRPORT  and test drive as well as delivery to anywhere in the world. 

For any questions call us right now or send us an email!
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